I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I'm sure you're all gathered together on your couches or huddled around a big dining table full of food getting ready to watch the Superbowl. I will be doing the same just as soon as this latest episode of Downton Abbey is finished. Lady Cybil has to be okay right????

Okay -- focus -- Here is a super fun and easy Valentine's decor tutorial. I adapted the tutorial from Noodlehead. I have the perfect window for this in my living room and couldn't wait to give this a try. I used white thread as opposed to the clear thread & it worked just fine.

Here's what you'll need:

You might also want to pick up some tape in order to secure the strands to your window boards. You could also attach them to a curtain rod or to command hooks.

Please tell me that didn't just happen. Downton, you're killing me! Excuse me while I cry thru the rest of this post...

1) Cut your thread long enough for the height of the window. Thread it thru the eye of the needle & form a knot at the end (I do this by wrapping the thread around my index finger a few times and then rolling it off and tightening).

2) Start threading your pom-poms thru the needle and onto the thread. Bring the first one all the way down to the bottom. The ones following you will not need to tie any knots to. They will stay where you put them on the thread.

3) Continue until you've filled the string with as many pom-poms as you like.

4) Once finished, take the needle off of the thread and secure the end of the thread to your window or rod/hook. Continue to do this until you've put up as many little strands as you like.

The end result is super fun and whimsical!


  1. Replies
    1. It is a cute idea --- I love how it looks too. Just the right touch since I am not into all of the little hearts all over the place.

  2. what a great blog name an I love that pom pom craft! would be so great at Christmas with silver/gold/white! thanks for sharing. :)
    also, thanks so much for following, I am returning the love!
    I hope you entered the advertising giveaway.
    have a great week molly.
    Kendra kay

    1. Hi Kendra,

      Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! YAY! Usually it is just my mom (haha). I entered the giveaway and can't wait to see who wins. What a great prize that will be! I agree on the pom-poms for christmas. You could do this easily for any holiday with different color schemes. Thanks again for the compliments!


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